The Closest Changes

2016-04-12 22:30:00

JD system it is still beta. I'm working hard to correct a lot of bugs and to improve it. I received many emails from you with errors that exist for which I thank you, the main problem is the creation of the user during installation. The next step that I decided to take is to create an forum on which you can report bugs or make suggestions for improving the system. I'm currently re-organizing a project so as soon as possible to release the stable version. I decided to also change the design of the program JyllSoftware and update the name in the menu because I did mess up there. I would also like to come up with a good way to update the system so as not to interfere with the use of the system. In addition, waiting for me to improve the cookies on the page;)

One day after starting

2016-04-11 22:45:00

The first 500 downloads of the system within 24 hours, thank you :)

System Started

2016-04-10 13:37:00

Starting System and website. With today's day starts off beta System. From now you can download and test, and all errors reported to: